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  1. Respect each other, deal with disagreements with class, be nice, show compassion. THIS INCLUDES OUTSIDE OF COVEN AND SOCIAL MEDIA! THIS INCLUDES PETTINESS. THIS INCLUDES GOSSIP. 

  2. No politics. No Covid discussions. If you are not well or have been exposed, stay home please.

  3. Leave meeting place better than when we arrived.

  4. Respect the one leading and the host/hostess and any boundaries they set.

  5. 21+ unless approved by High Priestess. Any approved underage attendees will NOT be permitted to drink any alcoholic beverages. We will provide moon water instead for any toasts or rituals.

  6. Meetings take place once a month- usually the Monday closest to a full moon, or in-between a full moon and a sabbath.

  7. Please do not arrive under the influence of any substances.

  8. No gatekeeping other beliefs, opinions, or practice.

  9. No spell work on individual members without their consent. 

  10. Never share coven member information with anyone outside the coven without their permission.

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